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    Agent conditions

    1 the company with independent legal person qualification or with specific sales person.

    2 have relevant experience in selling products or specific sales channels.

    3 channels with the establishment and management of sales experience and ability to provide after sale service.

    4 have the ability to develop a marketing plan and implementation plan.

    5 with the company to carry out marketing activities.

    6 quarter sales of not less than our minimum requirements.

    Join the details

    A, AIBO (love Leopard) business strategy

    AIBO (love Leopard) as its own brand, in the face of international competition, AIBO (love Leopard) will be strategy, step by step, the effective integration of various resources, the master of its own core technology, innovation of enterprise system, marketing system, an effective rapid response to market and other aspects, to gradually develop industry upstream, shaping the core competitiveness of enterprises, and actively participate in international competition.

    With a strong production and scientific research strength, relying on the excellent professional talents and management team, AIBO (love Leopard) kept in functional products, technology leading position in the industry market; and providing high quality, very competitive market of digital products.

    Two, market policy

    1 agency policy: 

    AIBO (love Leopard) will be delegated to the mutual recognition of businesses, and provide pre-sales customer service support to the authorized agent; authorized agents and AIBO (love Leopard) should be strictly in accordance with the two sides signed agency contract effective to carry out the market work, safeguard and various power and obligations of the parties have executed, and ensure the cooperation between the two sides market business smoothly. 

    2 price policy: 

    AIBO (love Leopard) to implement a unified national market retail price, and according to the dynamic change of market environment, to provide accurate market information timely guidance to agents, agents more effectively in the terminal sales, maximize market profits. 

    3 channel policy: 

    In the increasingly fierce market disputes, product homogenization phenomenon more obvious today, manufacturers pay more attention to the channel contention. AIBO (love Leopard) not only to consumers as customers, as the channel as the customer, strengthen the construction of regional development and terminal, provide more support for the channel. 

    AIBO (love Leopard) channel protection policy strictly on their own sales channels, prohibit the regional agents changing behavior, and firmly take the appropriate penalties for such irregularities in the market. There are mutual goods sales three channels: shopping malls, professional digital channel and PC channel bundling. Under the new situation, AIBO (love Leopard) hand to open up channels, expand the coverage and the share of the market, strengthen the construction of the professional channel, on the other hand, constantly strengthen the speciality of traditional channels, and ultimately enable them to be made one, a strong professional channels. The day after, AIBO (love Leopard) will continue to strengthen the channel development, construction and maintenance, the rapid establishment of covering the whole country and city and prefecture level city rich channel system, the retail terminal network and perfect, and the channel extends to two grade market, or even the three level Four grade market, seizing market share more. 

    4 advertising support policy: 

    AIBO (love Leopard) the central media advertising investment and regional advertising support and advertising policies, cross use a variety of advertising resources, plane, network, radio, outdoor advertising forms of transverse and longitudinal joint, complementary advantages, to ensure that the Haynie Heini brand to maintain a powerful propaganda offensive in the market, the rapid establishment of AIBO (love Leopard) brand advantage, ensure that the AIBO (love Leopard) successfully achieve the predetermined target market. 

    Three, sales support 

    AIBO (love Leopard) with strong capital strength and market operation ability to provide agents marketing mode of unified design, and according to the need of market promotion, plan organization of national or regional public relations and promotion activities, or for the agents to provide design, promotional activities, news, and by Region assist distributors co executive manager. 

    Four, good customer service 

    In services, AIBO (love Leopard) provide efficient delivery of pre-sale, after sale service and support for the agents, and the establishment of 400 national free service telephone 4006-909-819 to provide users with high-quality service; and AIBO (love Leopard) in strict accordance with the implementation of national policy three bags after sale service!

    Five, AIBO (love Leopard) ideal partner 

    AIBO (love Leopard) hope to establish long-term strategic partnership with you, share the advanced digital technology to create social wealth we hope you: 

    The identity of the AIBO (love Leopard) marketing concept, strict implementation of AIBO (love Leopard) sales agent policy. 

    Have a good corporate reputation, honest partner will be AIBO (love Leopard) precious wealth. 

    Have perfect, stable its sales channels and strong distribution capabilities. 

    With the electronic consumer products or IT products in the field of marketing sales experience. 

    A specialized team responsible for the AIBO (love Leopard) series products promotion and sales. 

    Have sufficient financial strength and confidence to ensure the completion of AIBO (love Leopard) regional sales goals. 

    Six, contact us 


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